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Veliky Novgorod – the Birthplace of Russia
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First time time in Russia?

The two most widely separated points in Russia are about 8,000 km apart along a geodesic line. These points are: a 60 km long Vistula Spit the boundary with Poland separating the Gdańsk Bay from the Vistula Lagoon and the most southeastern point of the Kuril Islands. The points which are farthest separated in longitude are 6,600 km apart along a geodesic line. These points are: in the west, the same spit on the boundary with Poland, and in the east, the Big Diomede Island. The Russian Federation spans nine time zones. From Wikipedia


Where to go?

Kazan – the oldest capital city Kazan is officially called “the third capital of Russia”. In 2005, the city turned 1000 years old. Despite its impressive age, the oldest Annunciation Cathedral, Kazan Kremlin, and the core of the old city, the Old Tatar Settlement and iconic buildings of the century-before-last, are still preserved in the centre of the city

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What to do?

One of the tallest statues in the world which is situated in Russia, Mamie Kurgan is the mother land calls. This statue shows the symbol of the struggle of soviet people against dictatorship. It is the figure of a woman who is marching forward, calling their sons to fight with enemies.

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Why choose St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, it was the imperial capital for 2 centuries, and it remains the country’s cultural center, with venues like the hypermodern Mariinsky Theatre hosting opera and ballet...

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